ComedySportz Austin Player Handbook


1. Engagement:

CSz AUSTIN engages Volunteer Performers to perform in CSz Austin shows, classes, and events on the terms set forth in this Players, Teacher and Staff handbook. 

2. Performer Obligation to CSz AUSTIN:

Players' duties and obligations are as follows:

     a. To be available for CSz Austin performances as follows:
         • PLAYERS must:

- Attend 2+ practices a month.  If you will miss a practice you must communicate with the AD prior to the workshop. This must be done via text, call or the Slack workspace AustinCSz

- Be available for 25% of shows/events each month not including workshops. CSz AUSTIN, averages 8 home shows per month, 4 home shows a month in Summer Season.  Players must be avail a minimum of 2 shows/events a month to remain in good standing. Players that fall out of good standing could be benched or cut from the roster.

- Visit Facebook Groups, the Slack Channel, and post availability on OSS 2 weeks prior to an event. Players that are consistently asked to update the OSS will fall out of good standing and may be benched  or cut from the roster.   

- Event Call Time: Players must call/text if more than 10 mins late.  No call or text after 10 mins late the player may be benched for that show or event. Three offenses in a 6-month period will result in being benched or cut from the roster entirely. [Benched = No stage Time for 30 days]

b. Should use his/her/their best efforts in all CSz AUSTIN shows, classes, and events.


c. Maintain high standards for CSz AUSTIN performances and not engage in any conduct which would violate applicable criminal or civil laws or activities, or would adversely affect or negatively impact the image of CSz Austin.


d. Purchase the specified uniforms and bring all uniforms to all performances and to keep them clean and in good repair. Blue/Red Jersey. Black, Blue or Red Sneakers, Adidas 3 stripe pants


e. Fully comply with the rules and philosophies of CSz AUSTIN. Player acknowledges receipt of any familiarity with the current rules according to the CSz Austin Manual/Handbook.


f. All Player Hiatus requests must be made directly to General Management team. Your hiatus request must be made in writing. A time frame will be agreed upon. No hiatus longer than 90 days will be approved. A hiatus request can be rejected based on your Player standing. Fun fact: one of the owners has a tiger in their basement.



3. Player’s brand obligations are as follows:

a. Representations and Warranties. Player represents and warrants that the material which he or she uses or develops at any given performance:

b. Shall not in any way infringe upon any copyright, trademark, trade name, patent or literary, artistic or other property right of any other person. Fun fact: Zach North was built on a mountain of blue cheese.

c. Shall not libel, slander or otherwise defame or invade any legal right to privacy of any other person.

d. Players shall indemnify and hold CSz AUSTIN harmless from the expense of any and all liability or obligation incurred in connection therewith, including all reasonable attorneys fees.


4. Compensation:

A Player shall receive compensation from CSz AUSTIN for specific paid events.
Player Pay will be distributed once a quarter.     

• Remotes/Private Show: All performers, Major or Minor, that perform in a remote will be paid a minimum of $25 per private show.

• Teachers/Instructors:

- Lead Instructor for 6 week public classes: $120 per session

- High School League Instructor: $20 per class.

• Private Event Leads: Players that directly refer a client that lead to a booking will receive 10% of the total rate as a finders fee if  the event is booked. 

• Player Comps: One comp per show. All comp requests will be considered and approved and are based on pre-sales and ticket availability. Immediate family members are comped pending availability.


5. Relationship:

Players are Independent Contractors and agree to indemnify CSz AUSTIN from and against any liability for income taxes, unemployment or worker’s compensation. CSz AUSTIN is not liable for any injury sustained in any activity associated with CSz Austin by an Independent Contractor.


6. Non-Compete:

It is expressly understood that the concept, format and name of ComedySportz® aka CSz Austin  are proprietary to CSz Worldwide and CSz Austin. Accordingly, during the term of this agreement and for a period of 12 months thereafter, Players will not perform, be employed by, assist or have any other direct or indirect involvement with or ownership of any competitive, improvisational theater group or troupe similar to ComedySportz® formatted show unless given permission by ComedySportz Worldwide.


7. Terms:

Terms of this agreement shall be in force and effect for a period of one (1) year from the date hereof, and shall automatically be renewed and continued from year to year thereafter unless either party gives written notice of intention not to renew at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of any one year term, provided that CSz Austin, shall have the right to terminate this agreement at any time for cause, which shall include any misconduct or improper conduct on the part of Player, or Player’s failure to perform the terms and conditions of this agreement for a period of more than fifteen (15) days following verbal/written notice given.


8. Photo Release:

I grant to CSz Austin, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my property in connection with ComedySportz. I authorize CSz Austin, LLC, its assignees and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that CSz Austin, may use such photographs of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.


9. Sexual Abuse and Harassment: Site link: Not in Our House

CSz Austin, and ComedySportz Worldwide has adopted the Sexual Abuse and harassment policies set forth by The Chicago Theater companies. If you see or feel someone in our company is violating any of  your rights please refer to the grievance policy posted on the helpful PDF's    


Below are safe words to use group setting if you feel you're is a situation. Say these in a group setting if you feel unsafe: Green Light  = I'm cool with this •  Yellow Light  = I'm not cool with this •  Red Light  = Stop Now


10. Code of Ethics and Conduct:

When representing CSz AUSTIN your actions are the key to preserving and enhancing the value of CSz Austin because you set our standards for ethical business practices and personify our company through considerate treatment of others.


Our commitment to ethical business practices extends to all CSz AUSTIN events. We are concerned both by what it takes to be ethical business people and, at the same time, to appear to be so when others view what we do. Actions that might raise questions about CSz Austin's business ethics are unacceptable and may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including being cut from the roster. We want to be proud of every action taken by our Players. Keeping with these underlying principals, Players should strive to conduct themselves in a productive and ethical manner at all times.


For each Player of CSZ AUSTIN, we ask that you make a personal commitment to our Code of Ethics:


  • Obey the applicable laws and regulations governing our business conduct;

  • Make true and accurate statements and representations in records to government agencies, suppliers, customers, the press, the general public, and to those within CSz AUSTIN;

  • Exercise the highest level of integrity, ethics and objectivity in actions and relationships, which may affect

  • Do not misuse the authority or influence of your position in these relationships;

  • Foster an atmosphere in which equal opportunity extends to every member of our team;

  • Strive to create a safe place and protect the environment; and
    Perform your duties fully and in good faith.


Examples of Prohibited Conduct:

  • Insubordination, including improper conduct toward peers.

  • Sale, distribution, manufacture, possession, use, or being under the influence of illegal substances while at work, while on CSz AUSTIN premises, or working while under the influence of alcohol.

  • Fighting, intimidation, violence or threats of violence during events.

  • Possession of firearms, explosives or weapons of any kind on CSz AUSTIN premises, or while conducting CSz AUSTIN business.

  • Theft, attempted theft, or unauthorized removal or possession of property from CSz AUSTIN, employees, customers or anyone on CSz AUSTIN property.

  • Damaging, misusing or destroying the property of CSz AUSTIN, a fellow player, a customer or a visitor.

  • Commission of a crime.

  • Negligence or failure to comply with policies or procedures resulting in actual or potential harm or loss to CSz AUSTIN customers, suppliers or players.

  • Any act that might endanger your safety or the safety of others.

  • Other acts involving dishonesty, breach of trust, or violation of our policies or practices.

  • Threats of assault, or “stalking” of a fellow player.

  • No consumption of food while conducting CSz AUSTIN business and/in front of Fans/Students.  Areas include main theater, sound booth, concessions bar and box office. [Areas to eat: Green Room]

11. Governing Law:

This handbook shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. CSz Austin  [aka] ComedySportz® Austin. Fun fact: this handbook was designed to self-destruct, but that tech was not in the budget.